Create something beautiful

Come and discover how to work with clay, make your own pieces and take them home with you.

FOR ADULTS, our Clay, Cava & Create or and Clay, Coffee & Create workshops teach the basics of hand building in a fun, social and relaxed environment. 

FOR CHILDREN, our Saturday morning Clay & Create classes give young learners a chance to create, and practice English at the same time. We also offer special workshops for celebrations such as Easter, Sant Jordi or Halloween  Learn more.

Clay, Cava (or Coffee) & Create

Workshops for Adults

At our adult workshops – Clay, Cava & Create or and Clay, Coffee & Create – you will learn the basics of hand building with clay and have the opportunity to create multiple pieces using different techniques.

The workshops are informal and allow students to explore, build skills, and make ceramic art based on their interests and imagination. The classes are also a chance to meet like-minded people and get in touch with your artistic side in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Skills you will learn include:

  • Hand building techniques, including slab building, coiling, pinching and press moulding.
  • Using tools to cut and shape clay, create patterns, and build unique structures.
  • Adding texture with stamps, moulds, found objects and other tools
  • Adding colour with slips and underglazes
  • Adding further design through mono-printing and transfers
  • Sgraffito, a decoration technique where slip is scratched off to reveal a contrasting colour below
  • Glazing, You will learn about many types of glazes and methods application, and have the opportunity to experiment. The possibilities of glazing are endless and the techniques and patterns you can create with them have no limit. Glazing can take an ordinary ware and make it a work of art.
  • Single 3-hour taster class €35

    Try our stand alone 3-hour workshop. Clay, slips, underglazes, basic glazes and firing are included in the price of the class. And in the evening, so is a glass of cava!

  • Four-part taster course €120

    More to come soon

  • Block of four classes €110 or €130

    For those interested in learning more about ceramics, book a mini course and try out more techniques and enter the amazing world of glazing. These run on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.

Clay & Create

Ceramics course for Children

Our Thursday afternoon course for children, in English – Clay & Create – give young learners a chance to learn the process of ceramics and be in an English environment at the same time. Each 60-minute session  focuses on different techniques and encourages children to be creative and explore colour and design.

By making ornaments, piggy banks, boxes, sculptures of animals and more, young learners build confidence, develop motor skills, and use their creativity to build real treasures they can take home and keep.

This course is for primary school children.

Special occasions

We run ceramics workshops for celebrations, such as Valentine’s Day, Sant Jordi, Easter, Halloween, Christmas and King’s Day. These 90-minute sessions are stand-alone and work is ready 10 days after. They will be posted on our calendar.
We are also happy to arrange for special events, including children’s birthday parties.

Arty summer school

Every summer when school is out, we offer summer school courses Monday – Friday from 9:00 to 16:30.
Get in touch with us to find out about availability and pricing.
Or just click here Arty summer camp 2023


  • After school Clay & Create

    Monthly including all material 45€ or termly 125€

  • Single 90-minute workshop €15

    The 90-minute workshop for children includes materials, and overalls are provided.

  • Birthdays and other parties From €60

    Want to plan a birthday to remember for your child and their friends? Make any celebration extra-special with FAnglès. Get in touch with us for more details.

  • Arty Summer School Contact Us for Details