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Improve your English communication skills with FAnglès classes: for individuals, businesses and groups

Speaking English well opens doors for everyone, from established professionals seeking to expand their reach, to young learners pursuing educational opportunities and future career prospects.

FOR YOUNG LEARNERS, we aim to spark a love of learning – and languages – by bringing creativity into the classroom. Our approach engages young minds and helps them in the learning process.

FOR ADULTS, we bring an approach that is engaging, dynamic and tailored to respond to your needs, objectives and skill level.

English for Young Learners

My daughter always has a great time at FAnglès and she is loving learning to speak English. We love seeing her develop and having such good fun, at the same time. I highly recommend FAnglès.

My two kids really enjoy being creative and learning English at the same time. They have become much more confident and it's so nice to hear them come out with English out of the blue!

It’s always a pleasure to see the smile on my daughters face when I collect her from the studio, it’s like Christmas and birthdays all rolled into one; a delight to see! Thank you for all your time and patience.

At FAnglès we believe that learning can and should be enjoyable!

Teaching a new language through art and creativity not only helps children keep focused, it also helps them remember what they have learned. By bringing creativity into the classroom, we engage with children’s innate love of learning.

During the school year we offer after-school classes, grouped loosely according to age and level, from Monday to Thursday. These are given at the FAnglès studio, a welcoming and relaxed space.

We can also arrange private lessons and special events.

English for Adults

Companies we have worked with:

Testimonials from previous students:

Clare is definitely the best of all the English teachers I've had over the last 4 or 5 years. She has a very easy to understand accent and makes you listen in all classes. I will not change teachers for many years.

Clare is a dynamic and motivating person when she teaches English: Flexible when necessary, manages the timing of classes very well and all this surrounded by a lovely and positive attitude.

We have been providing English language training in Barcelona since 2004.  For adult learners, we will assess students’ needs and level, and design a tailored programme that helps them meet their objectives. This can be anything from corporate communication, to exam preparation, to English conversation. We offer the following options:

One-to-one classes:

Looking to improve your English for work or pleasure? Needing to prepare a presentation or a job interview? Or  are you preparing for a longer work or educational period abroad? Studying for an exam? Going on holiday soon?

We will design a course that is tailored to your specific needs and paced to match your learning style. These are tailored courses ideal for busy professionals who want a targeted, convenient, and personalised way to improve their language skills.

Classes can take place where and when it is best for you — at your office, in your home, in a café or bar, or in the FAnglès studio; in mornings before work, or at lunchtime. We can also teach classes online via Skype or FaceTime.

In company or in small groups:

Is your business expanding and you want to ensure your employees can thrive in a multilingual environment? Have an upcoming meeting or conference that will be in English? Or would you and several colleagues like to improve your language skills?

Group classes are tailored to the client’s needs. We have experience teaching across multiple job sectors and for a diverse range of job functions.

We prepare students for presentations, telephone calls, negotiating and decision making, and for business travel and culture, among other topics. We offer courses at different levels – from total beginner to full proficiency.

Courses can be hosted at your place of work, and be scheduled at times that are most convenient to you. We also teach classes online via Skype or FaceTime.